Alice Conway Graduate of Plymouth College of Art - mentor Alex Bailey

I am an editorial photographer currently based in the East Midlands. My work focuses on portraiture based both in the studio and on location. Through my work, I focus on the story and really allow the individual to be seen. Working in the studio is something I have always enjoyed due to the technical aspects and being able to have fun with lighting. However, more recently I have found a passion for location photography and the newfound freedom it offers. Before I start my work I take time to talk to the individual and get them comfortable in front of the camera. Doing this allows for more natural photographs. When producing work in the studio I enjoy spending time experimenting with lighting and creating technically strong imagery. Whilst working in the studio is something I love doing I have recently been working on location. Location photography has become something that I like doing because it really gives you the freedom to shoot anywhere and create new and interesting work. The process of finding locations and visualising how shots might turn out is how I start any location shoot, the preparation beforehand really does help. My most recent project focuses on socially distanced editorial portraits in Plymouth. These photos concentrate on each individual and one thing that they would not be able to live without. The idea behind this is to remove materialists ideals of life and start to think about what actually matters. This has become more apparent during the lockdown period when more free time means time for thought and reflection. As an editorial photographer, the story is my main focus. The reason I create is that I have a need to create photos that represent a range of different people. Whilst doing this it also gives me time to reflect and express myself in a way through my work. Photography provides me with a creative outlet and allows me to experiment in new ways. Whilst I enjoy creating work and spending time behind the camera I never envision this being my full-time career. I prefer what goes on behind the scenes, the planning and organisation to bring a team and a shoot together. One day I hope to work for an agency in a team of producers. But until then I am happy with freelance photography and possible retouching positions. These will allow me to develop my skills and be able to bring more to a team when the time comes.

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